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The primary campaign exposed a long-standing fault line in the US feminist movement and raised fundamental political questions. The debate is just the latest chapter in a hundred year argument between liberal feminists, who see women’s issues as separate and self-contained, and leftwing feminists, who see them as intertwined with race, class, and other social questions.

Oct., 2009

Since 1989, women have become key to both the globalization and the fundamentalist projects. Only a left that is feminist can adequately oppose these forces.

June 12, 2008

A story about the great abortion rights march of April, 1989, and the struggle within the women's movement that preceded it.

May 8, 1989

This speech urges activists to take a long view and to treat their own history as part of a vast scientific experiment that needs to be summed up and extrapolated. Rather than throw out the experience of the past, we must analyze it.

Dec. 20, 1988

An examination of the relationship between the women's movement and the left and the strengths and weaknesses of both, originally titled "what socialism has to learn from women's liberation."

Fall 1988

A speech celebrating the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Women's Trade Union League, with some thoughts about how the labor movement has changed since 1903.

March 4, 1984

Another plea for analyzing the women's movement's past practice, and overcoming the gulf between theory and practice.

Jan.-Feb. 1984

An historical analysis of women's alliances, based on the research in my book, The Rising of the Women, and bringing the analysis up to 1980, when the book was publshed by Monthly Review Press. This text is the same as the last chapter of that book. I revisited some of the same questions twenty years later in the preface to the University of Illinois edition of the book, which is also posted.

October 1980

A view from 1978 on what the women's movement must do to defend abortion rights.

August 22, 1978
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